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The 2023 summit
in Challenges and La Dépêche du Midi 

Interviews with speakers and partners 
in Challenges

Joëlle Barral (Google DeepMind): "Our applications are first and foremost a response to social issues".

Joëlle Barral, head of AI research at Google DeepMind, wants to combine artificial intelligence and "Tech for good".
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Thierry Blandinières (InVivo): "The challenge facing the planet: producing more with less

Thierry Blandinières, CEO of InVivo, explains what the food of the future should look like.
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Pierre Coppey (Vinci Autoroutes): "We'll need six times as many electric charging points as petrol pumps".

Pierre Coppey, Chairman of Vinci Autoroutes, shows in a counter-intuitive way how his company can contribute to decarbonisation.
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Carole Delga (Occitanie): "When prices are accessible, people want to take the train".

The President of the Occitanie region, Carole Delga, explains how her region is going to reduce its carbon emissions.
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Marlène Dolveck (SNCF Gares & Connexions) : "We're no longer closing stations, we're opening them".

Marlène Dolveck, Director General of SNCF Gares & connexions, explains what her 'Place de la Gare' project will look like.
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Philippe Ducom (ExxonMobil) : "We want to be at the forefront of the low-carbon industry".

Philippe Ducom, Chairman of ExxonMobil Europe, explains how a major corporation reduces its carbon footprint.
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Eric Ducournau (Pierre Fabre) : "Our 'designed and made in France' model is resisting!"

Eric Ducournau, Managing Director of Pierre Fabre, looks back at the socio-environmental impact of medicines and cosmetics.
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Frédéric Duval (Amazon) : "Our business supports almost 100,000 jobs".

Frédéric Duval, Managing Director of, explains how online sales serve local and regional communities.
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Reda Guiha (Pfizer): "During the pandemic, we distributed 631 million doses".

Reda Guiha, Chairman of Pfizer France, explains the pharmaceutical company's commitments, particularly with regard to poor countries.
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Yann Leriche (Getlink) : "Our margin is 97% carbon-free".

Yann Leriche, CEO of Getlink (formerly Eurotunnel), explains how efforts to reduce CO2 emissions should be calculated.
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Jean-Luc Moudenc (Mayor of Toulouse): "We have made soft mobility a priority for this term of office".

Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse, explains how the city is adapting to climate change.
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Sylvain Rabuel (DomusVi): "You can't outsource a smile".

Sylvain Rabuel, Chairman of DomusVi, explains how services for senior citizens are rooted in local communities.
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Olivier Sichel (Banque des territoires): "Re-industrialisation will take off".

Olivier Sichel, Director of the Banque des territoires, explains the public bank's strategy for promoting the relocation of industries.
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Jean-Baptiste Voisin (LVMH): "We have created a guide to good crocodile farming practice".

Jean-Baptiste Voisin, Director of Strategy for the LVMH Group (shareholder in Challenges), looks back at what animal welfare should be.
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