Common Good Summit 2023

Saving the Common Good Summit
Sacrifices and opportunities

June 1st & 2nd 2023
In Toulouse & online

Create a positive impact on our society and our planet

This 3rd Summit "Saving the Common Good", organized jointly organized by Les Echos Le Parisien Evénements and Challenges, in partnership with Toulouse School of Economics, will give leaders the opportunity to to clarify their approach to the Common Good. Nobel Prize winners, economists, researchers, politicians and business leaders will meet on June 1 and 2, 2023 in Toulouse, to find answers to the challenges facing the planet.
Social networks and the popular beliefs they foster have created a new problem. Far from wanting to control how people think, as a scientist I want to make sure that they have access to reliable information. The key is education, in the broadest sense of the word. Economists must leave their laboratories and reach out to the public, by talking to students at high schools for example. One must however be careful, as speaking about economics to the general public is a skill in itself. You have to force yourself to formulate without jargon. And take the time.

Jean Tirole
Prix Nobel 2014
Toulouse School of Economics
It has long been claimed that the energy transition is a great opportunity that will make us all richer, create jobs, reduce our utility bills, and give us back our energy independence. This is simply untrue. In reality, all climate action is detrimental to our buying power, whether we use carbon tax, tradable emission permits, vehicle or thermal insulation standards.

Christian Gollier
Directeur général
Toulouse School of Economics







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