Common Good Summit 2023

Citizen's platform

Express your reactions, initiatives and questions on the themes that will be discussed during these three half-days.

In preparation for the Common Good Summit, La Dépêche, in partnership with BNP Paribas, has set up three interactive citizen platforms:

How to travel less polluting?

So what are the solutions for reinventing the future of mobility? How can we encourage more gentle mobility? How can we develop public transport? Is all-electricity the solution? Should we ban the car in town in favour of the bicycle?
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Are we ready to buy local?

Are we really ready to buy local at the risk of sacrificing our purchasing power? Is buying local really more expensive? Are you in favour of introducing a local currency in your town to encourage purchases in local shops?
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How can we eat better?

What will tomorrow's food be like? How can we get rid of animal proteins? Should we give up the pleasure of eating to preserve the environment? Is reducing meat consumption and eating seasonal vegetables enough?
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